LL.M. in Transnational Commercial Practice tm Post-Graduate Certificate in Transnational Commercial Practice
Post-Graduate Certificate Requirements The Post-Graduate Certificate (PGC) in Transnational Commercial Practice is NOT an LL.M. degree. The PGC requires only 12 credits, as opposed to 21 credits required for the LL.M. While the LL.M. requires that at least six credits be completed at one or more residential sessions, the PGC can be completed entirely online and/or by utilizing selected residential sessions. As with the LL.M., the PGC must be completed within five years from commencement. Up to 21 credits are available online for both the LL.M. and the PGC programs. The LL.M. is conferred by Lazarski University. The PGC is conferred by the Center for International Legal Studies. The normal tuition of $330 per credit applies to the PGC with the 50% tuition scholarships. Applicants for admission to the PGC program must hold a recognized and relevant university degree in law or other field (such as business, accounting, economics, management, political science, and international relations). Candidates for the PGC must complete 6 credits online and/or in combination of one or more residential sessions. Ten distance-learning courses (21 credits in total) are available. Certificate Courses are graded on a pass/fail basis. Non-native speakers of English must provide evidence of adequate ability in the language, through TOEFL or IELTS proficiency examination and/or by presentation of evidence of use of English in a professional capacity. Apply