LL.M. in Transnational Commercial Practice tm Post-Graduate Certificate in Transnational Commercial Practice
Crossborder Litigation Case Study (2 credits) The “star” of this course is Aguinda v. Chevron, a case that commenced in 1993 in New York and continued through the courts of Ecuador, Brazil. Argentina, Canada, The Netherlands, and Gibraltar. Its long and tortured history - including multiple arbitration proceedings in The Hague and 23 discovery requests in federal courts in 10 states of the United States - provides a foundation for learning about the United States Alien Tort Claims Act, the United States Racketeer and Corrupt Organizations Act, Third-Party Litigation Financing, American Discovery, Bilateral Investment Treaties, and Extraterritorial Application of Law. - Professor Dennis Campbell More about Course 3 More about Course 4 More about Course 5 More about Course 6 More about Course 7 More about Course 8 Return to Distance Learning Apply Here - New Students / Returning Students NOTE - Some browsers no longer support fillable PDF files. If the application forms referenced above do not open properly in your browsers, the forms also are available for download in a different format at the link below. Fillable PDF applications