LL.M. in Transnational Commercial Practice tm Post-Graduate Certificate in Transnational Commercial Practice
The Global Lawyer (3 credits) Globalization affects the practice of law in many ways. There is no doubt that globalization stimulates international trade and commercial activity by easing the movement of capital, labor, goods, and services across borders, resulting in an increasing need for lawyers capable - in both training and the resources they have at hand - of functioning in a multi-cultural and multi-jurisdictional environment. The course examines the nature of crossborder Practice and the legal market, trade agreements, international organizations, and crossborder practice, outsourcing of legal work, globalization and the legal profession, the “lay of lawyer land”, lawyers in selected jurisdictions, lawyers in the European Union. Thus, globalization requires a new type of lawyer and new types of law firms. - Professor Dennis Campbell More about Course 5 More about Course 6 More about Course 7 More about Course 8 Return to Distance Learning Apply here: New Student / Returning Student NOTE - Some browsers no longer support fillable PDF files. If the application forms referenced above do not open properly in your browsers, the forms also are available for download in a different format at the link below. Fillable PDF applications