LL.M. in Transnational Commercial Practice tm Post-Graduate Certificate in Transnational Commercial Practice
Institutions The Center for International Legal Studies (Salzburg, Austria) has more than 5,000 lawyer members throughout the world and has conducted legal education programs at its study venues for nearly 50 years. The Law Faculty of Lazarski University (Warsaw, Poland) has been ranked first among all Polish university law faculties for the last eight years. Central European University is a leading international university based in Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary. Eötövös Loránd University, based in Budapest, is Hungary’s top-ranked law school. The Central European locations (Vienna, Budapest, and Warsaw), the session format of two weeks each, and many distance-learning options provide a great advantage to those who cannot take a year away from their work, particularly active practitioners, to those who cannot afford the time or cost of a year abroad, and/or to those who may have difficulty obtaining a visa to study in particular countries. The program is designed to bring experienced lawyers together with expert faculty members (most of whom are active practitioners), and the seminar structure lends itself to active exchange among the participants. The residential sessions are supplemented by several distance-learning courses, and a three-year window is provided for completion of the degree, thus offering maximum flexibility to participants. Thirty-one lawyers from 11 countries participated in the most recent sessions.